Ionic Villas - Regents Park London

Specialist Decoration

Value – Circa £195k
Client – Private Client
Date – June 2017
Duration – 8 Weeks

Project/Cost Consultants – BWA

Ionic Villa in Regents Park London is a private house built by the English Neo-Classical architect Quinlan Terry between 1988 and 2004.

The client requested 3 ground-floor rooms to have a fine ‘decorative-arts’ finish. To achieve this, Bauvill’s decorators collaborated with specialist finishers and the decorating consultant, employed by the client.

Each room required different stages of careful preparation works from Bauvill. We were tasked with carefully removing the antique chandeliers and wall lights which we called upon a specialist company to undertake on our behalf.

The project was completed on time and below the original budget.

Regents Park Residential Refurbishment