Kemnal Technology College

Refurbishment of Changing Rooms and Toilets

Value – Circa £300k
Client – Kemnal Technology College
Date – Summer 2019
Duration – 5 Weeks

This project was to refurbish a set of changing rooms and wash rooms along with a standalone block of toilets.

The works included installation of all-new flooring, decoration throughout, IPS systems (integrated plumbing system), a ventilation system and a new boiler system in the main plant room.

Structural works were carried out to form new spaces. The walls were lined with a hygiene system that was thermoformed and welded to ensure a seamless finish, this tied directly with the floor to create a watertight area.

The new boiler system provided a complete upgrade to the schools water, creating a more powerful and efficient supply to all the showers and toilets.

The ventilation install was fed to all individual cubicles ensuring adequate air changes to comply with building regulations. The IPS allowed for the drainage to be hidden and sensor taps for water saving with a smart high quality finish.

The flooring was installed with safety features in wet areas, all of the flooring was cove and capped for a welded finish that is water tight up to 150mm which ran up the wall as a replacement for skirting.

All works were carried out and completed through the summer holidays, on a very tight time-frame.

Kemnal Technology College Refurbishment